Lake Traverse Walleye Masters are hosting their annual Ice fishing Derby on Feb 22, 2014.  Register at Circle K Resort on Lake Traverse by noon the day of the derby.  Entry Fee: $10.00.  Raffles and cash prizes will be awarded through out the day.  See attached poster for more details.

2014 Winter Fishing Derby

2012Day one winners were Paul Bohlman and Grump Geise brought in 5 walleyes with a total weight of 20.85 lbs including a 7.58 lb walleye.  Bohlman said they sat on the end of a windy point where they picked up their 2 overs.  One on a bobber with a leech, the other on a jig.  After that they went to spinners for their slot fish, targeting the 5-8 ft range.  Paul Ambahl and Chris Dahl had big honors with a 7.61 lb walleye. Mike Tchida and Hason Hull won the Ranger Boat Bonus money with 15.5 lbs.




Day 2 winners were Steve Mord and Dick Benson, with a weight of 16.78 lbs .  Mord said their best luck was on green and gold spinners with crawlers in the 6-7 ft range.  They had most of their fish by 10AM.  Mord and Benson figured they went through 40 fish on Sunday and even had 4 walleyes on at once.  Paul Amdahl and Chris Dahl had the big fish for day 2, weighing 6.39 lbs. Ranger Boat Bonus went to Brian Steichen and Tom Steichen with 13.60 lbs.





Biggest Walleye Day 2 – Tim Carl 7.70lbs.
2011 Walleye Masters Inc. fishing tournament that was held on Lake Traverse experienced extreme weather conditions witch caused the day 1 (April 30th) tournament to be cancelled due to unsafe conditions at the boat launch site for the tournament staff and anglers. The day 2 ( May 1st) tournament anglers were faced with west winds sustained at 35 Mph and gusting to 58 Mph with a major cold front that pushed the temp down to 27° at take off time. Some of the tactics used by the successful teams were slip bobbers, spinners rigs and jigs tipped with minnows. The 1st place team of Mike Dallman & Mike Boller weighed 3 walleyes with total weight of 12.43 lbs including a 6.11 lbs walleye. The third place team of Brian Steichen and Tom Steichen earned the Ranger boat bonus money sponsored by Central Marine – Carlos, MN. Only 31 fish were weighed in on Sunday with an average weight of 2.83 lbs with big fish (7.70 lbs) honors going to Tim Carl and Dustin Bragg making this tournament the toughest bite in over a decade. The Walleye Masters Inc. would like to thank everyone involved in making the tournament possible. The possible change to the 2012 tournament dates will be decided during the Walleye Masters Inc. 2012 January Meeting,
The winning team of Mike Dallman & Mike Boller weighted 3 walleyes with total weight of 12.43 lbs including a 6.11 lbs walleye. Dallman stated that the key to catching fish for them was running their Chartreuse spinner rigs in 9’ at 1 Mph, any faster or slower didn’t work. All or their fish were caught by 12:30. They were happy with first place, but also disappointed that the high winds prevented them from fishing their #1 spot. When asked how the teams day went for Dallman and Boller they had mentioned that their anchors wouldn’t hold on the windy side of the lake, their hands were cold from the 27° temps and the amount of tree branches they were snagging made the day pretty interesting.

                                 2010  WINNERS                            

Day 1 Tournament Winners Chris Erickson (Baxter, MN) and Justin Erickson (Wahpeton, ND)


Chris and Justin located their fish by pitching jigs on the South Dakota side of lake Traverse. The anglers anchored their boat and fished with jigs and slip bobbers, the majority of the fish were caught on pink and chartreuse jigs. After having a very successful day and boating their 8th walleye the Erickson team decided to weigh in an hour early with a 5 fish winning weight of 17.94 lbs. The Erickson’s comments were “ We had blast today catching fish.”  2010 DAY 1 RESULTS (Top 20)

Day 2 Tournament Winners Joe Stack (Rosholt, SD) and Mike Coppin (Wahpeton, ND)


After having a 7th place finish in the day 1 Tournament Joe and Mike put together a winning combination of fishing tactics witch resulted in a 5 fish 18.69 lbs 1st place finish on day 2. The winning anglers gave a little insight into their exciting day on the water. “The fish were caught in the morning near Carlson Island. The first fish was caught on a slip bobber and after netting the 25-inch walleye we realized that the second bobber was down also. The second fish was a 26-inch walleye that was caught on the missing bobber. We did catch some of the smaller fish on a firetiger crankbait.”   2010 DAY 2 RESULTS (Top 10)






Mike Melchert & Nick Lehman

Mike Melchert and Nick Lehman had an exciting day!

Day 1 winners Mike Melchert and Nick Lehman had an exciting day, they will never forget.  Working the Minnesota side casting cranks they had a double, two 8 1/2 pound walleyes bit at the exact same time.  They said they always work the windy side and target rocky shorelines.  I wonder if they ‘ll have 2 nets this year?




Rick & Jerry win day 2 with most fish!

Rick and Jerry won on day 2 with most of their fish coming from the rainbow area on a jig and minnow.  Their fish slid out deeper that day in the 4-8 foot depth.  They had a 19 inch goal on their slot fish which they achieved with 2 solid overs.  Rick and Jerry kept throwing fish back until the right ones came along.  They would have won the tournament the next weekend also but had to throw a 27 ” back.


4 Responses to “HOME”

  1. 1 Aaron Deal
    April 1, 2011 at 1:06 am

    We have 47 teams signed up with a month to go before the tournament. I know a few guys haven’t signed up yet that will be, don’t wait to long. We will be advertising this month in hope of filling the tournament this year. Feel free to leave a comment on this section.

  2. 2 Aaron Deal
    January 11, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    The date for the 2012 winter ice derby will be February 18th, weather permitting. The lake is not safe at this time with open spots running all the way across the lake in areas. The dates for the spring tournament will be May 5th and 6th. Tournament entries will be accepted starting March 15th.

  3. 3 Aaron Deal
    January 22, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    The date for the 2013 winter ice derby will be February 23rd. Registration is at Noon at Circle K, fishing hours will be 1-5. The spring tournament dates are May 4th and 5th. Tournament entries will be accepted starting March 15th.

  4. 4 Aaron Deal
    April 17, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    On April 17th we have 28″ of ice. If the ice is not off by the tournament dates we will have a drawing for the prizes (need not be present to win). The river is flowing in good now but it has a long way to go. The ice on the north end is not good, with very thin ice in the current areas.

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